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Templari nelle Marche is what we named a thirteenth century ancient Preceptory, in San Filippo de Plano, next to a church built by  Templar Knights. The whole building has been built using wooden beams and ancient original broad bricks.

These bricks have been dismantled,  cleared up and then used again to rebuild the walls of the house. On the wooden roof you can admire the ancient cleaned up hollow flat tiles. We used cork on the interior walls as a thermal insulation.


Templari nelle Marche Bed & Breakfast Via Commenda, 2 Osimo (Ancona) - ITALY
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SAN FILIPPO DE’ PLANO: una chiesa templare in Osimo

The area where the church of San Filippo de 'Plano stands, has been inhabited since the fourth century BC by the tribes of the Gauls. As the Romans defeated the Gauls and established the city of Auximum (Osimo) on the hill, the ancient S. Philip is not mentioned any more. At the end of the twelfth century, the Templar Knights decided to settle down and to build a Preceptory. The church of San Filippo was built before the arrival of the Templars. Why did they choose San Filippo? The Preceptory was in a very important area, a meeting point between two commercial ways: Via Salaria coming down from the north and the Via Flaminia from the south. The morphology of the territory with a mild climate, fertile lands and abundant irrigation made the area strategically and productively attractive. The Knights were probably creating income-generating activities for their sustenance and for shipments to the Holy Land. An interesting document, reported by Gilmour, tells of chivalry solemn investiture ceremonies, which took place in the church of S. Filippo at the end of 1200. After the dissolution of the Templar Order, the Church of S. Filippo was neglected, culminating in its "reconstruction" which took place in the early years of 1700, and which was completed, in the actual forms, with the addition of a vestry behind the apse.

Il Libro “San Filippo de’ Plano” viene donato gratuitamente a chi soggiorna almeno due notti nel B&B Templari nelle Marche.

La chiesa è inserita in una proprietà privata ed è visitabile, dietro prenotazione, telefonando al numero 339 7287252, oppure scrivendo all’indirizzo collesanfilippo@gmail.com.